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Server and Electronic Equipment Cleaning


The highly sensitive electronics in all of your IT equipment attracts dust via the air conditioning equipment and high speed fans. This dust collection is amplified during times of data center construction projects or any other contracted activity within the data center environment. AMCS uses special vacuums and specially formulated cleaning agents to remove this dust from equipment. We not only remove the contaminants you can see but more importantly the hidden ones you can't see.

Even after a short amount of time the dust and dirt build up in servers is surprising. The reason for such fast accumulation is primarily due to the air conditioning systems fitted in most server rooms and data centers. Obviously an adequate room cooling system is vital, but the particles that get deep inside your sensitive IT equipment and the grime that builds up on components as a direct consequence of this makes servers' internal cooling systems less efficient, ultimately leading to system crashes and even, in some cases, total failure.

AMCS can help you avoid this situation. Our trained technicians can decommission and un-rack your servers to allow easy access for our cleaning technicians who will thoroughly clean units inside and out. They will also clean the racks before re-commissioning the equipment.

An external clean can be carried out should you not want your servers removed from their racks. This is still very effective at increasing airflow as all fan housings, vents and filters are vacuumed and all surfaces treated with an anti-static cleaning solution. For further information please see our data centre cleaning page.

 To take the next step towards cleaner, more efficient servers contact AMCS today.




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