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Data Centre Cleaning

Your critical environment requires specialized anti-static cleaning services designed to prevent damage to, and failure of, your most sensitive systems and equipment. The services we provide require a level of expertise that goes well beyond the standard cleaning services employed in other parts of your facility.

At AMCS, we understand the complexities of your data centre and we have the unique skills and experience to ensure the security of your data and equipment, allowing you to operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

 Our data center cleaning staff are comprised of technically skilled specialists that have gone through extensive background checks for high security clearance.

Our comprehensive cleaning approach is specifically designed to eliminate contaminants in your critical environment. Our expertise extends to all types of data centers, including data processing, call center, command center, Web hosting, co-location and telecom facilities.

Regardless of how large or small your facility is that houses your data or IT equipment, AMCS professionals have the expertise!


Computer Cleaning

Most companies are dependant on the secure and efficient operation of their IT systems. It therefore makes sense to look after these valuable assets by keeping them clean and in good working order.

 A sticky keyboard and mouse slow down keystrokes and reduce operator speed. Dust and dirt sucked in by computer fans builds up and gradually reduces the effectiveness of the cooling system, which can ultimately lead to overheating and total failure.

 There are also potentially serious health implications associated with using dirty equipment. Analysis of a keyboard normally reveals remnants of food and drink, hair, nails and lots of dead skin! Recent research conducted by the University of Arizona has shown that telephones harbor up to 25,127 microbes per square inch, keyboards 3,295 microbes and computer mice 1,676. Considering a toilet seat contains only 49 microbes per square inch you can now begin to see the real cost of not maintaining the cleanliness of your office equipment. For more information on this please read this article on the BBC website.

 We recommend computer cleaning be performed outside of office hours but we realize that this does not suit everyone, so we will happily visit at any hour of the day or night. We also offer a silent cleaning service, which is ideal in call centre environments where you do not want loud vacuums whirring away in the background while your staff are trying to talk to customers/clients.

 If price is your only concern then you could speak to your office cleaning company, who will happily provide a very poor service for a 'good' price. If on the other hand you want the best computer cleaning service available, fully backed up by references from a broad base of existing clients then AMCS is the company for you.

 Contact us now and take the next step to a cleaner, safer workplace.


Post Construction Cleaning

Once installation of new equipment has been completed a thorough decontamination of your facility should be considered. A post installation decontamination program can include hardware, supply air plenum surfaces, raised floor surface, walls, fixtures and any other affected areas. The service can be designed to address conditions above or below the raised floor or both if necessary. When conditions in the facility have been returned to appropriate levels, a program of regularly scheduled environmental maintenance should be scheduled.

 AMCS will provide everything needed to fully execute the requirements to furnish, and deliver the final detailed post construction cleaning of your Computer Room or Data Center. We clean what contractors leave behind. Whether it is a newly constructed Computer Room, Data center, UPS room, Mission Critical Facility or a specialized critical project we provide trained experienced professionals, who are dedicated and committed to exceeding your service requirements each and every time they are called upon to perform.


Server and Electronic Equipment Cleaning

The highly sensitive electronics in all of your IT equipment attracts dust via the air conditioning equipment and high speed fans. This dust collection is amplified during times of data center construction projects or any other contracted activity within the data center environment. AMCS uses special vacuums and specially formulated cleaning agents to remove this dust from equipment. We not only remove the contaminants you can see but more importantly the hidden ones you can't see.

Even after a short amount of time the dust and dirt build up in servers is surprising. The reason for such fast accumulation is primarily due to the air conditioning systems fitted in most server rooms and data centers. Obviously an adequate room cooling system is vital, but the particles that get deep inside your sensitive IT equipment and the grime that builds up on components as a direct consequence of this makes servers' internal cooling systems less efficient, ultimately leading to system crashes and even, in some cases, total failure.

AMCS can help you avoid this situation. Our trained technicians can decommission and un-rack your servers to allow easy access for our cleaning technicians who will thoroughly clean units inside and out. They will also clean the racks before re-commissioning the equipment.

An external clean can be carried out should you not want your servers removed from their racks. This is still very effective at increasing airflow as all fan housings, vents and filters are vacuumed and all surfaces treated with an anti-static cleaning solution. For further information please see our data centre cleaning page.

 To take the next step towards cleaner, more efficient servers contact AMCS today.

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