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Air Scrubber Rentals

A HEPA air scrubber, or "HEPA air filter", is used to filter out gases, particles or chemicals out of a particular area. It is generally used to improve indoor air quality by trapping airborne particles. There are also a carbon filter attachment which can be put on the end of the HEPA air scrubber which can be used to trap odours and have a better rate of "scrubbing" the air. It traps these gases, particles and/or chemicals by intaking air, and passing it through a series of filters.

In a data centre/server room, it is more than just simply a server room dust collector. The use of both a primary HEPA filter and a carbon filter ensures a high rate of air "scrubbing" can occur as the air passes through the machine. The air is then exhausted out of the machine, and cycle continues. Depending on the model, the Air scrubber will filter a certain amount of "air exchanges" that can happen per hour. Simply put, if the air exchanges 7 times per hour, as the HEPA 500 model achieves, it means that the total air in the room (or its CFM range) is replaced 7 times within an hour period. By the air continuously going through this process of being scrubbed at a rate of 7 times per hour, it successfully scrubs the air of unwanted dust particles, chemicals and/or odours.

HEPA Purifier Standard Rental Details

The standard hire period for our HEPA rentals is 3 days. Rental costs for air scrubbers start at $59 per day however, there is a discount for weekly and monthly rentals

The best portable air scrubber on the market for creating and maintaining negative pressure and removing airborne contaminants during construction, renovation and remediation projects.


This Portable Air Scrubber is designed to employ up to four filter stages to remove potentially hazardous airborne particles from healthcare construction, maintenance, and renovation zones


Do we need an air scrubber for our data centre?

Data centres/server rooms largely rely on cooling via airflow for the optimal running of their systems. inevitably, with this airflow will come dust particles. Hardware that is sub-par in cleanliness can drastically affect the performance of data centres. Such microscopic particulates can cause problems to hardware which could be hard to fix, or eventually lead to data loss. Therefore it is imperative to upkeep standards of air quality and cleanliness to data centres.

There are international standards for cleaning of controlled environments such as data centres, with the relevant standards being the ISO 14644-1 2015 series (14644-1 to 14644-2). Specifically class 8 standard is the relevant standard to data centres. Class 8 allows for 3,52 million 0.5μm particles per cubic metre. In some cases, OEM warranty from particular manufacturers of hardware used in data centres is not covered for dust damage, as Class 8 standards of cleanliness are the expected standard in the environments in which this hardware was to be installed. Furthermore, the ISO 15644-2 2015 states that to reach a level of class 8, the room must be cleaned at least every 12 months, if not, then more frequently.

Our range of air scrubbers helps filter the air of dust particles, ensuring air quality can reach the standard of class 8. Dust is a risk factor that cannot be left unchecked with data centres, there need to be countermeasures put in place.

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